The J's

When Did You Stop?

The J's are a great group of singers and instrumentalists who recorded in Philadelphia during the late 1960s and 1970s. They had several regional hits.

"When Did You Stop" is a digitally remastered version of their 1979 dance club hit, produced by legendary R&B producer and arranger, Lou deLise (Patti LaBelle, Wm. DeVaughn).

Remixed and rereleased by popular demand of the J's core fan base, this is an all-time Philly Soul Classic!


Record Information:
When Did You Stop? (music: L.A.deLise, words: M.Kurman and L.A.deLise) © 2008 Bocage Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Arranged, Produced, and Conducted by Lou deLise
Record Label: Dante Records
Executive Producer: Vito Jacono

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